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“Take Me Away”


“Misty Morning”





“Black and White”





“Close Up”

“Sale Prices”


“Red Flower”

“Water Colours”





Merry Christmas!






“Christmas Wood Signs”




McCormick Makes Facebook Page



“Painted Birch Trees”

“2 Blue”


“Dive In”

Falling Freely

“Giveaway Time”

“On the Other Side”



“In Your Dreams”


Our Etsy Store.

Fly Away


McCormick Makes Facebook Page

“In the Wind”



“Behind the Light”

“Pop of Colour”



“You are my Sunshine”

“Yellow Skies”


“Stop and Smell the Roses”

“Autumn Tree”


“Another Day”


Our Etsy Store.

Birch Board

“Cultus Lake”

“Birch Wood”


Panorama Forest

“Rising Summer”

“Black Branch”

“Misty Forest #1”


Are You Curious?

“Open Ocean”


How to Order




McCormick Makes Facebook page.

.McCormick Makes Twitter Page.

Our Etsy Store.


McCormick Makes –

Artist – Tammy McCormick / West Coast Art.

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