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  *This West Coast art piece comes in many sizes. *Each canvas is finished with a premium, non-glare, UV-blocking laminate for long lasting protection. *Contact – for more information.           Click here to visit McCormick Makes Facebook Page / Art Gallery.   We ship worldwide from Vancouver BC. You can also choose the “Green Orca” with the pop of colour.  

What is Art?

What is art?  Can you see?  It’s all around in every colour and curve. In every swirl and swish. In every line that’s stretched.   Look really close. It’s in the clouds and in the trees. It’s the breeze on leaves.  It’s the sunsets on waters and waves It’s the autumn days.   Can you see it? It’s the bends and bows.  It’s the birds and bees. It’s the movement and awe of, what the eyes sees. What is art you ask? It’s the surprise and wows. It’s the feelings of ups and downs. It’s the magic and wonder. It’s that smile that makes the world better.   Next time you’re out and about take the time to see.   The masterpiece that’s at your feet. Behold the beauty, sway to the beat.  Sip from the cup and take a seat.   It’s there waiting just for you.   ~Tammy McCormick~ McCormick Makes/ Artist.   Art by McCormick Makes/ Tammy McCormick Contact

Panorama Forest

    “Panorama Forest” comes on a ready to hang Panorama Canvas. 1st Size – 20×40 Panorama Canvas. 2nd Size – 20×60 Panorama Canvas. 3rd Size – 30×60 Panorama Canvas.    4th size 100×40 Panorama Canvas.   We ship our pieces from Vancouver BC and each piece is individually and professionally packaged for safe travels.   All art pieces are very durable and eye catching. Each canvas is finished with a premium, non-glare, UV-blocking laminate for long lasting protection. We use only the highest quality inks and printing process to produce amazing results. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have at   You can order directly with me or place your order here. How to Order     We accept Visa, MasterCard and e-transfers. Order takes approximately 2 weeks to ship out and is then delivered right to your address.     Canvas is lightweight and comes ready to hang.       McCormick Makes Facebook Page.