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These art pieces are very durable and eye catching.  Each canvas is finished with a premium, non-glare, UV-blocking laminate for long lasting protection.



Blog Posts


Light As a Feather


Tranquility #2





Deep in the Forest



Panorama Forest




“Birch Wood”





 “Falling Freely”



Blue Sticks.  Comes on Panorama Canvas

‘Blue Sticks” 60×30  Panorama Canvas


Stained #1

Stained #1




Misty Forest #1 and Misty Foggy Forest




Morning Forest




“Black Branch”

Click here to see Tangled #1 and Tangled #2


Birch Board

Birch Board


“Water Colours”


Mother Tree



Blue Haze Misty Forest #5


“Sand and Waves”


‘Grey Sticks’ on Panorama Canvas




Light Blue Birch Trees



“Painted Birch Trees”




Birch Trees Brown 

Days Like These


Make A Wish



Flowers #1


Red Flower

Red Flower #2







Field of Flowers


My Window

My Window

My Window


Teal Flowers




This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Flowers #2

”Flowers #2″   18×24   Digital art on ready to hang canvas.




“Rising Summer”



Retro Lavender Pedals / Retro Teal Pedals

Comes on Panorama canvas

Art For Sale




Bright Flowers #3 –  30×40




Bright Flowers #3

“Pop of Colour”


Each canvas is finished with a premium, non-glare, UV-blocking laminate.

2 Blue

  “2 Blue”




  Another Day 


Sunset #2 Comes on Panorama Canvas.

Sunset #2


West Coast





Ocean One


Open Ocean





Painting Clouds




Above The Clouds







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