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“Giveaway Time”

Its here!  It’s time to win your free artwork!  All you need to do are 3 things:


1.Follow and like McCormick Makes Facebook page.  

Link to Facebook page is here.

2. Share my McCormick Makes Facebook Page.

3. Like one of the numbered painting you want to win.  I will post 10 paintings for you to choose from.


  I’ll collect all the names, place them in a hat and then I’ll see if I can figure out how to do a Facebook live to draw a name.  After I call (hopefully) your name, message me with your mailing address and contact information.  Your order will take approximately two to three weeks to be shipped out and then depending on where you live, your delivery won’t be much longer.  Your art work will be on a 12×18 ready to hang plaque mounting canvas.  It’s beautifully finished with a premium, non-glare, UV-blocking laminate for long lasting protection.  It’s also professionally transferred, protected and shipped from Framehouse Boutiques.  I know you’ll love it.

4. This is not required but I would love to see a picture of you holding your artwork so I can post it on our page.  Please send to  If your camera shy, then just a quick note to say you’ve received your piece would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you and good luck.


Here are your choices.  Make sure to follow Page, share page and then vote on your favourite piece here – McCormick Makes Facebook Page.

link- “On the Other Side”






Link-Fly Away


Link-“Behind the Light”


link-Rising Summer


link-My Window


link-“Pop of Colour”


link-Birch Wood



Contact information-



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About the artist ~ Tammy McCormick is a mother of four who has a passion for the arts, ballroom dancing, painting, and traveling. Her company is called McCormick Makes and you will see everything from original paintings, digital art, fashion, home decor and woodwork. Her pieces are beautifully designed, visually stunning and are a great addition to any home. Tammy grew up on Vancouver Island and now resides in the beautiful Village of Anmore with her supportive husband and always on the go children. She has been surrounded by the breathtaking nature of the West Coast and you will see this reflects in her paintings. Although you’ll find some abstract paintings, trees, flowers, oceans, wildlife and nature are her favorite things to paint. Be sure to follow McCormick Makes Facebook Page for future giveaways and amazing sales.

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