McCormick Makes/art for sale
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Our Etsy Store.

Please come and take a look. We have lots of new art pieces that will compliment your home.

“Love the space you’re in”

Click here to view our McCormick Makes Etsy store. Our gallery is always being updated with new pieces.

Contact for more information.

*We ship worldwide from Vancouver BC and each canvas is professionally and carefully packaged for safe travels.

I hope my art brings you as much joy as it does me.

McCormick Makes/ Art for sale.

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About the artist ~ Tammy McCormick is a mother of four who has a passion for the arts, ballroom dancing, painting, and traveling. Her company is called McCormick Makes and you will see everything from original paintings, digital art, fashion, home decor and woodwork. Her pieces are beautifully designed, visually stunning and are a great addition to any home. Tammy grew up on Vancouver Island and now resides in the beautiful Village of Anmore with her supportive husband and always on the go children. She has been surrounded by the breathtaking nature of the West Coast and you will see this reflects in her paintings. Although you’ll find some abstract paintings, trees, flowers, oceans, wildlife and nature are her favorite things to paint. Be sure to follow McCormick Makes Facebook Page for future giveaways and amazing sales.


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