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What is Art?

What is art?  Can you see?  It’s all around in every colour and curve.

In every swirl and swish.

In every line that’s stretched.  

Look really close.
It’s in the clouds and in the trees.

It’s the breeze on leaves. 

It’s the sunsets on waters and waves

It’s the autumn days.  

Can you see it?
It’s the bends and bows. 

It’s the birds and bees.

It’s the movement and awe of,

what the eyes sees.

What is art you ask?
It’s the surprise and wows.

It’s the feelings of ups and downs.

It’s the magic and wonder.

It’s that smile that makes the world better.  

Next time you’re out and about take the time to see.  

The masterpiece that’s at your feet. Behold the beauty, sway to the beat. 

Sip from the cup and take a seat.  

It’s there waiting just for you.  

~Tammy McCormick~
McCormick Makes/ Artist.  

Art by McCormick Makes/ Tammy McCormick


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